LinCONCEPT – home textile of 100% natural, washed and softened linen

LinConcept is developing a home textile line using exclusively 100% natural linen processed using special washing and softening technologies. Our products are developed by professional designers and sewn by professional tailors. Skilful management and accurate control of all these processes provide a quality result – wonderful products we are proud to offer you.

Linen is a natural, pure material people have been using for centuries for its outstanding properties and natural looks. The products of LinCONCEPT will improve your quality of life, bring new, natural trends into your home, and also serve as a tasteful gift on a festive occasion.

We are inspired by nature... all we use comes from nature. We have future only if we respect the mightiness of nature. Continually increasing numbers of people choose to eat healthy foods, do sports, and use products made of natural materials.